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Have Hammers scholarship fund Graduation

I am delighted to pass along this graduation photo of Lluvia Raygoza Venegas, who just finished the Preparatoria Regional de Chapala this month, thanks to the community.


Lluvia was a student at Have Hammers for years and was initially supported with scholarship funds. She then finished up the last year with help from the annual Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club fundraiser at Blair Ferguson’s home.


She received the packet of information about University-level scholarships at lakeside that Margaret Quinn prepares each year, and she definitely plans to continue her studies at that level.


Her parents were also long-time students at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. and earn their living by selling their wares at all the area tianguis markets. Lluvia’s older sister is in veterinary school. They are an impressive family, accomplishing a great deal with very few resources!


Ginger and Have Hammer Will Travel Board of Directors

Lluvia Raygoza Venegas