Have Hammer…Will Travel is 100% dependent on donations, whether those donations come through fundraisers, Todo Bueno Resale and  Consignment Store, projects or individual contributions.

It costs the program $30,000 pesos per month to keep running. Students do not pay fees, so we have to generate 1,000 pesos per student each month in order to cover our expenses.

In spite of the great reputation that our program has, raising this amount of money is challenging around Lake Chapala because of so many competing quality charities. Believe it or not, a recent count shows over 60 active nonprofit organizations in the lakeside area, most of which are vying for financial support from the same pool of residents and visitors.

Where your money goes

Your donations will go toward either operational expenses (rent, utilities, one employee`s salary, materials, maintenance and replacement of equipment and tools) or to fund individual students’ tuition for the year.

How to Donate

If you would like a U.S. tax deductible receipt for your contribution, click `DONATE ONLINE` below for payment through the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities. ALL of your donation will come directly to us if you select `HAVE HAMMER`as the `Charity to be Donated To:

If you don ́t wish to receive a U.S. tax deductible receipt, you may  (a) drop off your donation at the HHWT workshop, Hildalgo 231-A, Riberas del Pilar, Monday-Friday 9:15-1:30 and 3:00-5:00;  or (b) call or email one of the Board Members who will be happy to pick up your check or cash.

Thank you in advance for considering our program among your charitable contributions!

Our Go-Fund-Me Page

Changing Lives With Your Legacy Donation


HHWT is administered by Volunteers. 100% of all donations go directly towards operational expenses and funding of students’ tuition.